GDBA New York. In partnership with the Manhattan Institute of Management.

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  1. Program Overview

    This full-time 9-month degree has been jointly tailored by IAE NICE Graduate School of Management and the Manhattan Institute of Management (MIM). It offers you all pre-MBA fundamental courses, coupled with work experience and sandwich courses in New York City.

    Particularly adapted to profiles without any business background, the GDBA simplified admission procedure does not require you to take any standardised tests (e.g. GMAT).

    You will benefit from a solid grounding in business, an invaluable work experience, and the unique international exposure of the French Riviera and the Big Apple. You will acquire the necessary skills to run your own small business, to reach junior management positions or to apply to an MBA or other advanced Masters.

    During Fall you will study in Nice, capital city of the French Riviera, in IAE NICE Graduate School of Management premises. During Spring and Summer you will study at the Manhattan Institute of Management, located right downtown Manhattan next to Wall Street, and work at the same time (alternate sandwich courses).

    Right after your arrival in NYC, you will undergo several work placement interviews pre-arranged by MIM, in order to start working as soon along with your courses. MIM will also provide all the necessary paperwork for study/work VISA purposes.

    At the end of this exceptional experience, you will defend your dissertation before the Degree Award Committee.

    Cohorts are composed of a maximum of 25/30 students. 80% of your classmates and 60% of your instructors are international. The majority of the Faculty members are hands-on business practitioners. This environment ensures you effective and high interactive lectures, where students and instructors from different horizons, backgrounds, ages and countries meet and share their knowledge and experience.

  2. Admission

    Admission requirements

    • Undergraduate degree in ANY FIELD (no business degree required): your degree must last a minimum of 3 years and grant a minimum of 180 ECTS credits, or 90 US credits, or equivalent.
    • English proficiency: one of the following
                          - TOEIC > 800
                          - TOEFL iBT > 81
                          - TOEFL CBT > 217
                          - TOEFL PBT > 553
                          - IELTS > 6.5
    • Good academic record
    • Interview before the Admissions Committee
    Application materials checklist
    Further guidelines concerning the application materials specifications (e.g. format, size, language...) available here.

    • Cover Letter
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Transcript of academic records (Grade reports) since you entered higher education
    • Copy of every diploma obtained since you entered higher education
    • Copy of your High School Diploma
    • Language test score report
    • Copy of your passport or national ID card
    • ID picture in JPEG format, colours
      Letters of recommendation
      from past, or current lecturers or employers. Please use this form.

      For USA VISA purposes only (to be submitted later on):
      - Financial eligibility bank statement (resources to cover the period of stay in the US >10,000 USD)
      - Medical proof for Measles (2 doses), Mumps (1 dose), Rubella (1 dose)
      - Insurance coverage for the entire period of stay in the US
      - Proof of current residence (e.g. phone or electricity bill...)
  3. About the GDBA-NYC...

    What they say about the GDBA-NYC...


    " Powerful, blinding, almighty… MIM has allowed me to enjoy the best city in the world, take classes in the mythical financial district of Manhattan, meet people and students from the whole world and combine this with an experience in a NYC company. "

    Matéo Bouatta, France
      Export Manager,
    Lehmann Glass

    " Contact with multicultural students and professors is the way to learn how to become a global manager. I look forward to having you join us for this special opportunity and participate in this exciting program. "

    Nadine Tournois
    Professor and Chair
    Program Director
  4. Fees


    The French Republic is known throughout the world for making high investments in public education and dedicating a consistent part of the State budget to instruction.

    Should you be accepted into the program, you would automatically benefit from a subsidiary disbursed by the French Ministry of National Education to the School.

    No need to apply for this, the tuition fees you are charged would consequently be reduced.

    Following the well-known French principle of "égalité", resident, non-resident and international students are granted the same amount and charged the same tuition fees.

    Other scholarships you may be eligible for can be cumulated (US Government, European Union, CROUS, PRAME, MESR, CampusFrance, etc.

    Cost of the program (1)
    14,230 €
    Participation of the French State - 4,730 €
    Tuition you are charged 9,500 €

    (1) Source: "MEN-MESR-DEPP - Compte de l'éducation", including partner institution fees.

    Included Estimated expenses (in Nice)
    Tuition and registration for all courses
    Books and materials 700 € / year                     
    Wi-fi on-campus access
    Commute 30 € / month
    Access to library and IT
    Accommodation 550 € / month

    Meals 300 € / month

    Miscellaneous 250 € / month

  5. Curriculum

    FALL (in Nice, French Riviera)

    Lectures are delivered on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday from the end of September to mid-December.
    ATTENTION: During the last week of the term attendance is required from Monday to Saturday.

    Management principles
    1 3
    G1MBA112 Introduction to organisational behavior
    1 3 20
    G1MBA12 Marketing management 1 and 2
    1 4 40
    G1MBA13 Financial accounting 1 and 2
    1 4 40
    G1MBA14 Economics for managers 1 and 2
    1 6 40
    G1MBA151 Principles of business law
    1 3 20
    G1MBA152 Corporate social responsibility
    1 3 20
    G1MBA16 Business writing 1 and 2
    1 4 40

    SPRING (in Manhattan, NYC)

    Internship takes place at the same time sandwich-courses are delivered, from early January to the end of June.

    Course COEFF  ECTS 
    G1MBA21-24 Information systems and operations management 1 8 60
    G1MBA22 Business math 1 4 60
    G1MBA23 Financial accounting and management 1 4 60
    G1MBA25 Managerial economics 1 4 60
    G1MBA262 Internship and dissertation
    1 10 -

    Tentative Schedule