Willing to move to the next level? Find your way with IAE Nice. 

We love it when we can provide our students with their dream studies. That’s why we have the best and most creative
people in the industry on hand to design and build exactly what you want.

We understand that going to business school full-time for an MBA degree is a commitment that requires discipline, aspirations and determination.

At the Institute of Business Administration we understand that such commitment needs an appropriate level of academic guidance and support. And, that’s why our classes tend to be small, with emphasis on discussion and student-faculty contact.

We offer several MBA Programs:

  • MBA in Global Finance
  • MBA in Global Marketing
  • MBA Nice - San Francisco Program

Our GDBA program is particularly well suited for students who want to get an MBA and who do not have any academic preparation in business. Students who have the equivalence of the first year (graduate degree in business or equivalent professional experience) may enter directly into the second and complete the program in one year.

Another great advantage of studying with us is that one of our programs is adapted to both the European and American academic systems, giving candidates the possibility of seeking and obtaining international positions.

All MBA courses are taught in English by academic professors and professionals from all over the world. Their experience creates a learning environment conducive to effective exchanges on both the theoretical and practical aspects of general business administration. Students are given the opportunity to strengthen their skills in technical business language.

We invite you to discover our MBA programs and determine the program that suits your needs.

I have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a non-business related field of study.
If so, we recommend that you start by looking into
our full-time Graduate Degree in Business

I hold a graduate degree in general business (e.g. French M1); or, a first year post-graduate degree in general business (e.g. French M2); or, a higher degree.
Then visit our second year programs: MBA,
MBA-Exchange, and MBA-MIB Programs.